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Added March 18, 2020

Prometheus Research


Job Description

Prometheus Research is looking to hire an experienced Full-Stack Software Engineer who is well versed with Python/PostgreSQL/JavaScript/React, our main technology stack.

Our flagship product is a modular Healthcare Registry Software Platform, which allows us to rapidly deliver solutions to our clients (Academic Research Centers, Disease and Patient Advocacy Organizations, Medical Speciality Societies).

As a Full-Stack Software Engineer you will help us improve this platform and work on clients’ projects. The main challenges we face and techniques we employ are:

  • Our clients have lots of data in heterogeneous formats. Part of our job is to make sure it’s possible to work with such data efficiently. We employ a set of tools for data wrangling; some are UI based, some are domain specific languages developed in house.

  • Data alone is never useful. We develop insightful user interfaces for our clients and we need to do it fast. Our Health Registry Platform provides needed tools to quickly bootstrap UIs for specific data models and then customize it as needed.

  • We continuously maintain multiple client projects, so it's important that we ensure the correctness and robustness of our code, particularly in the evolution of our core Healthcare Registry Platform. We organize our code as a monorepo with a forking model (our original workflow), so we can keep up with changing requirements, while ensuring that our code quality is high.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


Below is a list of skills / responsibilities the role implies:

  • Deliver high quality software based on the collectively developed requirements

  • Develop optimal solutions based on the needs of multiple business and technical dimensions (project goals, time & resources availability, task engineering complexity etc.)

  • Be comfortable with gathering information, specifying/narrowing down requirements, conferring with users, and planning the project delivery cycle.

  • Lead the software development cycle and optimize team efforts according to its phase.

  • Write and maintain high-level architectural documentation along with low-level technical documentation.

  • Understand testing & integration methodologies (continuous integration, continuous delivery, unit vs. integration tests).

  • Take technical responsibility for a solution entirely, meaning that the code integrates, builds, can be installed/executed with the minimal required effort.

  • Propose and/or evaluate technical decisions rationally and with regard to the declared goals.

  • Participate in a small integrated team (3-7 people) of engineers, quality control testers, and designers.

We expect that you are comfortable with the following technologies (or eager to fill the required knowledge gaps):

  • Linux/macOS (most of our work is done in unix-y environments)

  • Python (general purpose libraries/ecosystem, HTTP server, UWSGI)

  • JavaScript/React (we write JavaScript code with Flow, if you know TypeScript only, this is fine too)

  • PostgreSQL (and obviously non-specific relational database design skills)

  • GraphQL (this is our primary way to communicate between client and server code)

  • Docker (we package our applications as docker containers)

Some more beneficial skills:

  • Healthcare data standards (FHIR, HL7, DICOM)

  • Python data analysis libraries (Pandas, Numpy, Scipy)

  • Languages beyond Python & JS (we love polyglots!)

  • Experience with typing in JavaScript (e.g., TypeScript, Flow)

  • Previous experience with cloud providers like AWS or GCP and associated tooling like Kubernetes, Terraform, etc.

About the Company

We at Prometheus have built our reputation on helping diverse members of the biomedical research and healthcare communities overcome the ordinary and extraordinary challenges of managing complex, sensitive data. We provide superior research operational management services inherently designed to accelerate discovery and improve the state of care through the re-purposing of high-quality health data.

This singular focus has enabled Prometheus to support some of the most ambitious projects in biomedical research and healthcare while establishing us as the leading solution for multidisciplinary and multi-site research endeavors. Our registries allow partners, and their stakeholders, to concentrate on their primary mission of identifying insights and opportunities for improving care. They are free to focus on what matters, secure in the knowledge that the growing data asset they are building is secure, trustworthy, and well managed.

We are inspired by the many opportunities to improve research productivity through better sharing and reuse of data. Our mission is to empower teams to securely harness complex, sensitive data in regulated environments.

We value integrity, curiosity, civility, and determination. We pride ourselves on engaging in work that is meaningful, and we enjoy collaborating with others who view their work as an opportunity to make the world a better, smarter place. Our environment is open, informal, and agile. We are dedicated to learning and to professional growth, and we consistently look for opportunities to increase responsibilities to match abilities.

Prometheus Research is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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