Sr. Python Engineer - Pypestream in New York, NY

Added Nov. 22, 2019



Job Description

As a Python engineer at Pypestream, you’ll be involved in the design, development, and maintenance of Pypestream’s conversational AI systems. You’ll be covering many different technologies and areas of work, including everything from designing REST APIs, to dealing with graph theory algorithms, to building scalable machine learning solutions. Strong Python skills are required, but prior experience with every technology we use is not mandatory or expected; a passion for learning will take you far, and a willingness to explore creative solutions to novel problems is essential.

Our Python team interacts with many different parts of the company, so you’ll have the chance to work directly with our DevOps, Product, and QA teams, as well as other development teams working on both frontend and backend components. As such, good communication skills are also very important for this role. We also have a number of remote workers, so experience dealing with distributed teams would be a plus.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that we place a lot of emphasis on code quality here at Pypestream. An ideal candidate should place a strong value on writing readable, maintainable code that adheres to Python coding standards and best practices. Additionally, you should be willing to engage in rigorous code reviews and give/receive friendly, constructive criticism for the sake of creating high-quality software.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


Preferred Experience • Strong Python knowledge, particularly around building scalable, reliable backend services • Experience working with concurrent Python code (particularly within async frameworks) • Experience building and debugging distributed systems and microservice architectures • Machine learning experience would be a big plus, especially if focused around natural language processing • Knowledge of graph theory terminology and algorithms would be nice to have • Ability to write and maintain comprehensive unit tests and integration tests • Experience designing and building REST services • Experience using the Git version control system • Knowledge around AWS (particularly S3, EC2, KMS) • Experience using Docker and/or Kubernetes for development and deployment

About the Company

Founded in 2015, Pypestream is conversational AI built for scale. Built to usher the customer-centric enterprise into the digital age with “always-on” automation. No more single-task chatbots, no more embarrassing NPS scores and no more cobbling together technologies from multiple vendors. We elevate customer experiences with the power of a full-stack platform, military-grade security, native NLU capabilities, and the only patented B2C messaging carrier purpose-built to handle any volume.

Why you should join:

  • We are a growing team of data scientists, engineers, and designers focused on creating a communication platform allowing for intimate yet scalable conversations.
  • We have a close-knit, high-performing Customer Success team that works collaboratively with the Customer Experience (Product Implementation) and Product teams to ensure the success of all our customers.
  • We’re passionate about solving our customer’s most complex problems through intelligent conversational design and advanced automation integration.
  • You’ll be given the freedom to develop new processes and bring fresh ideas to the table, while receiving the support and guidance from an experienced management team.

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